The Emerging Nanoelectronics Research Group focuses on the exploration of nano-scale low-dimensional materials and their advanced applications in electronics and optoelectronics. 


The group is highly collaborating with interdisciplinary research groups in physics, chemistry, material science, and energy systems.

The group welcomes talented graduate and undergraduate students to participate in research activities. Please check the News for more information. 

Left: Media coverages on our recent work presented at IEEE IEDM 2020. Relevant news articles include:

"Atom-thin transistor uses half the voltage of common semiconductors, boosts current density"

"Transistor uses half of voltage of common semiconductors"

"New, two-dimensional transistor could help usher in a new era of computing"

"Researchers create atom-thin transistor"

"Extending Moore’s Law with a transistor that requires half the voltage of current semiconductors"

"Atoms-thick transistors get faster using less power"

"Silent transistors and computers? See four promising news"

"Atom-thin transistor makes use of half the voltage of frequent semiconductors"

"The two-dimensional structure could by key for quantum computing, extending Moore’s Law"

"2D transistor operates at 29mV"

"An atom-thin transistor consumes half the voltage of conventional semiconductors and increases the current density"

"Atom thin transistor could be key for next-gen computing"